Warning: For purposes of safety some of the galleries have been temporarily Quarantined. The Orphic Hall, The Bluebeard Chamber, and The Sphinx Library are safe to visit.

The Dome of Green Porcelain. Since the museum's establishment in 1890, Tennessee Noble has dedicated his life to the collection of time devices, The Dome of Green Porcelain opened in 1901 to house these relics.

The Marchhare Collection houses the world's largest comprehensive selection of home ware and ceramics. The collection is particularly rich in vases and crockery from ancient and mythological worlds that serve as fine exemplars of the cultures that made them.

The Great Collection holds over twenty thousand priceless pieces of precious and semi-precious jewelry, permanently on display under beautiful open skylights that catch the South East sun. Relics are categorized by material and detailed with records of its known makers and owners.

The Emperor's Collection has over sixteen thousand costumes and accessories for men, women, and children, ranging from the fashionable dress of seven Earth centuries to magical and living apparel to other worlds. Some displays showcase an entire costume head to toe, expressively worn by a digital mannequin created exclusively for the display.



The Looking Room is a small but extensive collection of mirrors and other relics of divination. Though it may be tempting to learn of one's future, the TNAPmuseum's Chrono-Experts advocate that the future is never guaranteed and that visitors to this room should move through it briskly.



The Dorian Gallery. Devoted to paintings, drawings, photographs, and the artists that produced them. The collection is housed in a state-of-the-art room, where conditions and lighting is carefully controlled. Works of art too fragile to be on display may be viewed by appointment via The Noble and Paige Research Center.

The Flint Gallery. A fine collection of maps painstakingly acquired and preserved, featuring treasure maps, war maps, building plans, and geographical surveys of prehistory and other worlds. The maps are both a source of beauty and a well of invaluable information for researchers at the Noble and Paige Research Center.

The Secret Garden is a home for living and preserved relics, colorfully displayed in a protected landscape with specialized plant collections, pedestrian walkways, 'metamorphosed' and 'petrified' garden sculptures and historic ornaments. Walk through the garden to experience the relics up close, view the entire garden from the 3rd Floor balcony, or witness the stunning garden magic on Sundays.

The Three Wings: The Athos Wing, The Porthos Wing, and the Aramis Wing holds arms of historical significance from muskets to hi-tech extraterrestrial machinery. The collection is also home to some of the world's best examples of the development of industrial science and robotics.

The Volsung Armory collection has over 6000 pieces of arms and armor on permanent display, featuring military attire and weaponry from the prehistoric, mythological, and medieval eras, stopping shortly before the development of gunpowder weapons in the 1750s. Magical weapons are securely safe guarded with enchantments, incantations, and runes from the museum's Circe Association.

The Ilium Memorial holds over a thousand relics from wartime, on permanent display in dedication for those who served or were affected by war. Journals and letters have been put in a separate display at the end of the gallery. Items too delicate to be put on display can be viewed by contacting The Noble and Paige Research Center.

The Orphic Hall has on display the world's widest range of musical instruments, arranged by family and geography. Performances are held regularly in the auditorium. Check the Events page for more information on session times.

The Vulcan Collection contains over 45,000 examples of decorative metalwork, including over 10,000 keys and an outstanding selection of relics made from rare materials. The highlights of the collection is the Flaming Chariot, which has been put on display in its own fireproof chamber in the center of the gallery.

The Myrkvidr Collection is devoted to workers of wood and furniture, spanning over the 1000, and displays outstanding pieces of chairs, tables, chests, cabinets, and in particular wardrobes.

The Pygmalion Collection tells a story of the long history of worship and myth with all forms of sculptures, from idols and fetishes to figurines and statues. Varying in size and material, ivory, bone, glass, semi-precious rock, and stone, the collection is a reflection of our lives from the primordial to the modern.

The Bluebeard Chamber is used to safeguard powerful and potentially dangerous relics. Children require adult supervision when visiting The Bluebeard Chamber. Tickets can be bought at the front desk in the main hall.

The Gulliver Room has on display relics that are literally out of this world, even out of this universe.

The Circe Association. Part research laboratory, part display, the Circe Association contains relics of chemical potential (also known as potions) and vacuum in-cased bacteria and viruses. In association with the Noble and Paige Research Center, the Circe Association has become the world's leading reservoir of vaccines and antidotes.

The Sphinx Library holds a collection of rare books, scrolls of antiquity, unpublished manuscripts, and dead letters. The library also displays the original manuscript journals of Tennessee Noble and Ariana Paige and is home to the Shirley Learning Center for Kids. For more information contact the front desk.