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The Cure for Revenge

The Cure for Revenge


Has anyone ever left you in the dirt? Wronged you in the most insidious way? Crushed your soul with their recklessness? Do you now feel a blood curdling desire to grab hold of that axe from the shed? Then this exhibition is for you. Come to The Cure for Revenge to discover all the ways in which seeking revenge can destroy your life and leave you friendless, penniless, and sometimes a driveling shell of your former self. 

Find out what The Prince of Denmark did when he was instructed by an angry ghost, what Odysseus did to provoke a Sea God to keep him away from home, and what the motives were behind the Italian criminals Iago and Montresor. Come to know how the cycle of violence brought down the House of Andronicus, Beowulf of Geatland, and the Duke of Castille; and how redemptive power overcame vengeance on the island of Monte Cristo.

From October 30 a major exhibition that combines retrospective relics and modern interpretations will adorn the TNAP Museum. The exhibition features the first public appearance of The Face of Yorick: a reconstruction of the secondary skull found in Prince Hamlet’s burial chamber, as well as modern interpretations of the iconic illustrations in Francis Hugo’s Bestiary of the Mediterranean World.

Made possible by the TNAP Research Center and the Bibliotheque Explorateur Society. 

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