Designated parking space is available in the parking garage for visitors with disabilities. Arrangements can be made in advance for visitors with disabilities travelling in oversized vehicles. The clearance to the entrance is seven feet. For general information about directions to parking, please see Directions and Map


Service animals or animal companions who happen to be inseparable are welcome in the museum.


Elevators and escalators are located throughout the building and the TNAP Museum is accessible to wheelchair users and other visitors who need to avoid stairs. Accessible entrances are located on York Street and through the parking garage. The museum's map (PDF) is available at Information Desks. You may email us at to request a copy. 

Wheel chairs are available at the main hall free of charge on a first come first served basis.  To arrange special accommodations and request wheelchair escorts, call 020 88921 1411.

Assistive Listening Devices

A limited number of assistive listening devices (headsets and neck hoops) are available at the Information Desk in the main hall.

Audio Guide

Audio Guide players and transcripts of audio material are free for visitors who are blind, partially sighted, hard of hearing, or deaf. Transcripts are also available in large print.

Public Telephones

Public telephones, as well as telephones with volume control, are available in the museum. See the museum's map (PDF) for locations.